Proyectos realizados en CETSE

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Main projects organised in the CETSE

In the CETSE, SGSICS has a wide catalogue of current and historical projects


Users of CETSE projects

Main Users

  • National Police
  • Civil Guard
  • The Interior ministry
  • Police'Apprentissage
  • Ertzaintza
  • Que d ´ mosso

Other Users

  • UME. Military Emergency Unit
  • Real House
  • The Spanish Navy
  • Prison officials
  • Europol. European Police Office
  • CNPIC: National centre for the protection of critical infrastructures
  • OCC. The Cybersecurity Coordination Office
  • General Council of Judiciary
  • European Union
  • CITCO Intelligence centre against terrorism and organised crime
  • The Moncloa
  • DGT. Overall Direction of traffic
  • Justice ministry