Financial Framework 2021-2027 (ISF)

The European Union has established

For the multiannual budget period 2021-2027, several funds to promote a high level of security in the Union and to achieve an area of freedom, security and justice.

The Internal Security Fund (ISF 2021-2027) is derived from the former ISF, an instrument for police cooperation. It aims to boost security in the EU by preventing and combating terrorism and radicalization, serious and organized crime and cybercrime, and assisting victims of crime.

The Integrated Border Management Fund (BMVI) follows on from the previous ISF, the Borders and Visa instrument. Its objective is to ensure strong and effective European integrated border management at the external borders, thus contributing to ensuring a high level of internal security within the Union, while safeguarding the free movement of persons within the Union and fully respecting the relevant Union acquis and the international obligations of the Union and of the Member States deriving from the international instruments to which they are party.

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Homeland Security Funds. Fight against terrorism and organized crime.

ISF Fund Projects


Integrated Border Management Fund. Illegal immigration, cross-border crime and visa policy.

BMVI Fund Projects


Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Common asylum and immigration policy.

AMIF Fund Projects